Vacation Rental Checklist

Living Areas

Sweep and mop hard floor surface

Dust all furniture

Clean all glass

Wipe window sills

Ceiling fans

Carpets vacuumed

Sweep baseboards

Straighten Sofa Cushions

Put all remotes by TV neatly


Carpets vacuumed

Window sills dusted

Ceiling fans

Sweep and mop hard floor surfaces

Change Sheets and make up beds

Check under beds



Tile walls and bathtubs cleaned and disinfected

Shower and shower doors cleaned and disinfected

Mirrors cleaned and shined

Sink and counters cleaned and disinfected

Sweep Floor and baseboards

Clean and disinfect toilet

Shine and clean chrome fixtures

Shake and Remove Rugs

Put towels out Neatly

Empty trash



Clean small counter top appliances

Coffee Pot/ Coffee Filter

Clean refrigerator interior

Stove/Oven Inside and Out

Sinks cleaned and disinfected, chrome/stainless shined

Counter tops cleaned and disinfected

Clean exterior of large appliances

Wipe down inside and outside of microwave

Wipe cabinet doors

Dishwasher emptied

Sweep and mop hard floor surfaces

Trash emptied

Laundry Room

Sweep Floors and baseboards

Wipe sides/tops of washer and dryer

Wipe Window Sills


Number of Towels

Bath Towels:

Hand Towels:

Face Towels:

Kitchen Towels:

Recent Comments

Shannon White says:

Wonderful service for our family vacation home. We do not rent out as we have a lot of our personal items in the home and everything was cleaned very well and put back in the right place. I highly recommend their service!

Andrew Smith says:

10 Months Ago

I use West End Cleaning on all of my properties. They truly take care of our vacation rentals. Their crew is very friendly, professional and always on time. They know how I want the home set up and every time I walk in, the house is exactly the same. They really go above and beyond to make sure the job is done correctly and done in a timely fashion. We had some stained laundry that we thought was a total loss, but West End sent them back to us looking brand new. I have tried many cleaning companies over time and I really think I found the answer with West End Cleaning.

I would definitely recommend West End to anyone in the Galveston Area looking for a reliable, professional, friendly crew for your cleaning needs.

Elizabeth Garibay says:

Absolutely fantastic service – rain or shine, they will get the job done. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else on the island – they’ve got impeccable customer service, Brenda and her team make managing the home an absolute breeze. I only gave them 5 stars because Google doesn’t give you 6! Get on their waiting list if they don’t have space, someone will make room and they’re absolutely worth the wait! Best prices, turnkey service, and last minute changes are all included. And they email! Best team in Galveston!!!

Amber Berend says:

1 Year Ago

We use West End Cleaners for our beach house rental and they have proven to be reliable and professional. I can’t tell you how many times they’ve helped me out by going above and beyond the call of duty! We don’t live in Galveston and West End is like a business partner, alerting me of worn items that need to be replaced, sending photos of any damages caused by guests and even saving me when I forget to schedule a cleaning and have a guest on the way! The friendly and quick service that West End provides takes out so much of the stress that owning a rental property can cause. What would I do without them??

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